Just 10 LENNON products can do so much to treat a wide range of  your family’s ailments.

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Balsem Kopiva

Indicated for mild kidney ailments, backache and inflammation of the bladder.
Not for use in children.

Behoedmiddel vir Kinders

Where the use of an
antacid is indicated.



Helps to relieve the symptoms of croup, coughs and bronchitis



Used for the treatment of nervousness, restlessness and sleeplessness. Also recommended
in the treatment of pains
associated with winds in
the stomach and bowel.
Not for use in children.


Traditionally been used for kidney and bladder complaints.
Not for use in children.

Jamaika Gemmer

For the treatment of colic, winds, pains in the stomach
and indigestion.
Not for use in children.


Aids in the relief of flatulence.
Not for use in children under 12.


Indicated for the symptomatic relief of chronic bronchitis and coughs. Not for use in children


Useful in relieving flatulence,
and colic.
Not for use in children.


For the relief of constipation
or excessive eating
and drinking in adults.
Not for use in children.


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